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Need a Sentiment but hate going thru all your stamp sets to find one?
3 Ways to find your sentiment you need.

1)Sort by SENTIMENT or STAMP SET.  Click on the word to sort by that column
2)Search(CTRL-F on Windows) for the word you want, such as Happy or Congrat or Birthday.
3)You can click on the Stamp Set name and look at a picture of the stamp set to see if you like the font.



Sentiments Stamp Set
Sending SMILES Across The Miles Lift Me Up
Hope Your Day Is On Cloud Nine Happy Birthday Lift Me Up
Just a Note To LIFT your Spirits Lift Me Up
Love Is In The Air! Lift Me Up
You Soar Above The Rest. CONGRATULATIONS Lift Me Up
Thanks For Lifting Me Up! Lift Me Up
Praying for friends to comfort you faith to uphold you and loving memories to heal your heart Thoughts & Prayers(1 of 2)
Sending thoughts of love and praying for the Lord to sustain you with bright and restful days Thoughts & Prayers(1 of 2)
Wishing you a quick and complete recovery GET WELL SOON Thoughts & Prayers(1 of 2)
Sharing in your Sorrow Thoughts & Prayers(2 of 2)
Praying for You Thoughts & Prayers(2 of 2)
Thinking of You… Please Know that I care. Thoughts & Prayers(2 of 2)
thank you for being there when I needed you most. Sitting Here
you always make me smile. Sitting Here
just sitting here thinking of you Sitting Here
come and sit a while with me Sitting Here
Let HOPE be your lighthouse beckoning you through stormy seas. High Tide
In HIGH tide or LOW tide I'll be by your SIDE High Tide
There's nothing LITTLE about the LIGHT you shine High Tide
You have the most amazing ability to take an ordinary moment and make it SHINE High Tide
To someone who's great to be around… In The Meadow
day after day hear after year In The Meadow
thank you Thoughtful Branches
You're in my Thoughts Thoughtful Branches
Your kindness makes a difference Thoughtful Branches
For You Thoughtful Branches
I Hope You Feel Appreciated… Thoughtful Branches
You've always been there to lean on to learn from and to look up to. Thoughtful Branches
Take it one step at a time. Our hearts and thoughts are with you Thoughtful Branches
Because you are. Thoughtful Branches
And always in my heart Thoughtful Branches
Happy Anniversary So In Love
Congratulations So In Love
A Day to celebrate So In Love
enjoy So In Love
just for you So In Love
with you So In Love
so in love So In Love
thank you Swan Lake
You have a kind and caring heart Swan Lake
may happiness follow. Swan Lake
Wherever you go today… Swan Lake
Happy Birthday Wishes Avant-Garden
To someone who makes others so happy Avant-Garden
Thanks for being you. Avant-Garden
Let's Taco 'bout how awesome you are Tasty Trucks
A Little Wish That's Fun To Make… Tasty Trucks
HOT DOG! Tasty Trucks
THANKS Tasty Trucks
You're the sweetest! Tasty Trucks
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Where's the cake?!? Tasty Trucks
Thank You(very Large Font) So Very Much
THANKS for being a great FRIEND Window Shopping
Make a Wish Window Shopping
Thinking Of You Window Shopping
Made With (Heart) Window Shopping
Open Me! Window Shopping
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Window Shopping
Happy Birthday Special Reason
wishing you a beautiful day Special Reason
I'm lucky to have a good friend like you. Special Reason
There's no special reason for this card… Special Reason
Congratulations Special Reason
except to let you know how special you are! Special Reason
Together we share so many things Special Reason
Let's Happy Celebrations
For You Happy Celebrations
New Baby! Happy Celebrations
Your Day Happy Celebrations
New Beginnings Happy Celebrations
Birthday To You! Happy Celebrations
So Very Happy Celebrations
Time To Happy Celebrations
Together Happy Celebrations
Good Times Happy Celebrations
HAPPY (Two-Step Stamping) Happy Celebrations
celebrate Happy Celebrations
For You Double Take
Love (3 Font Versions) Double Take
Congrats (2 Font Versions) Double Take
THANKS (2 Font Versions) Double Take
HOO RAY! (2 Font Versions) Double Take
THANK YOU for making my birthday happy All Things Thanks
You're The Best All Things Thanks
You Are Amazing All Things Thanks
thanks for joining us All Things Thanks
THANKS for that thing YOU DID All Things Thanks
thank you for welcoming our newest arrival All Things Thanks
thank you All Things Thanks
Thanks for everything All Things Thanks
thank you for being a part of our happily ever after All Things Thanks
You're one in a dozen Perfect Mix
We're the perfect mix. Perfect Mix
no one measures up to you. Perfect Mix
You're grate! Perfect Mix
Baking makes life Sweeter Perfect Mix
WOOHOO for You All Boxed Up
you are so amazing All Boxed Up
my goodness You're Sweet All Boxed Up
tasty treats All Boxed Up
Wishing You the very best All Boxed Up
Sending HAPPY THOUGHTS your way All Boxed Up
thank you Apple of My Eye
You're just the sweetest Apple of My Eye
apple of my eye (apple outline) Apple of My Eye
Pink shells white shells and shells coloured blue; smooth shells crinkled shells old shells and new; striped shells and plain shells lift by the tide;my shell is magic-the sea sings inside By The Tide
Nantucket Oceanside Inn(circle with anchor) By The Tide
Celebrate Any Occasion
Thank You Any Occasion
Thank You (banner) Any Occasion
Happy Birthday Any Occasion
Congratulations Any Occasion
Hello Any Occasion
Mr & Mrs Any Occasion
It's a Boy Any Occasion
It's a Girl Any Occasion
For You Any Occasion
Thank You for your kindness Wetlands
Thinking of You Wetlands
Birthday Greetings Wetlands
thinking of you Sheltering Tree
thankful for you Sheltering Tree
you warm my heart Sheltering Tree
friendship is a sheltering tree Sheltering Tree
You are a fabulous work of art Work of Art
Just for You Work of Art
thank Work of Art
you Work of Art
Oh What Fun Oh What Fun
Merry Wishes Oh What Fun
HO HO HO Oh What Fun
No Peeking Oh What Fun
Tis the Season Oh What Fun
Happy Christmas Oh What Fun
Jolly Oh What Fun
to Oh What Fun
from Oh What Fun
from Santa Oh What Fun
Do Not Open until Christmas Oh What Fun
Wishing You a Sweet Season Oh What Fun
You're always there for me Love You Lots
love you lots Love You Lots
thank you friend Love You Lots
Throw Kindess around like confetti Jar of Love
Love Jar of Love
Thanks Jar of Love
For You Jar of Love
Bless Your Heart Jar of Love
Hello Jar of Love
Friend Jar of Love
You fill me with Happiness Jar of Love
You Light Up My Life Jar of Love
Best Fishes Jar of Love
Spread the Jar of Love
Life fells empty with You Jar of Love
Hey Jar of Love
Warm heartfelt greetings for a very merry Christmas. Cookie-Cutter Christmas
Put on a happy face! Cookie-Cutter Christmas
To: From: Cookie-Cutter Christmas
Have yourself a beary merry Christmas. Cookie-Cutter Christmas
Wishing you a season as sweet and joyful as the freindship we share. Cookie-Cutter Christmas
Cold Hands… Cookie-Cutter Christmas
Wishing You a Festive Season! Merry Mice
Merry Christmouse! Merry Mice
It's time to deck the halls! Merry Mice
Merry Jar of Cheer
Yule (heart) this! Jar of Cheer
Wishing you a season of cheer Jar of Cheer
Snow Way! It's Christmas Already? Snow Place
there's snow place like home Snow Place
Let It Snow! Snow Place
Time to chill Snow Place
Merry Christmas! Snow Place
Christmas wishes from across the miles Holly Berry Happiness
Best wishes for the season Holly Berry Happiness
May the happiness of family the joys of friendship and the warmth of love surround you this season Holly Berry Happiness
You're my person Falling for You
anniversary wishes Falling for You
Your love of a lifetime has become a lifetime of love Falling for You
every heart needs one special person to love Falling for You
for the bride & groom Falling for You
Best wishes for many wonderful years together Falling for You
celebrating with you Falling for You
Mr Seasonal Bells
Mrs Seasonal Bells
You'll always be my Everyday Hero
Is this yours…? Everyday Hero
DAD Everyday Hero
MOM Everyday Hero
MUM Everyday Hero
HERO Everyday Hero
SUPER Everyday Hero
Because I think you're pretty super. Everyday Hero
You're Incredible! Everyday Hero
WOW (2 step stamping) Everyday Hero
I am Praying for you. Strength & Prayers
but the lord stood with me & gave me strength. Strength & Prayers
for you The Wilderness Awaits
Admired respected loved… that's you The Wilderness Awaits
Goodbye & Banners for You
Fabulous Friend Banners for You
Good Luck Banners for You
Anniversary Banners for You
Congrats Banners for You
You Amaze Me Banners for You
You Two! Banners for You
To You! Banners for You
Welcome Banners for You
Thanks Banners for You
For You Banners for You
To Me Banners for You
Happy Banners for You
Just So Banners for You
Enjoy Banners for You
Hello Banners for You
You Matter Banners for You
Thank You Banners for You
You Know… Banners for You
I Love You Banners for You
So Much Banners for You
Christmas Treats Just For You Candy Cane Christmas
Wishing you a sweet season Candy Cane Christmas
A Christmas greeting with something for eating Candy Cane Christmas
To:  From: Candy Cane Christmas
May the joys of Christmas fill your dreams and mke your spirits bright. Christmas Magic
Sending a little Christmas magic your way Christmas Magic
Merriest Wishes Christmas Magic
May the simple joys of the season be yours Christmas Pines
May your Christmas sparkle with joy and happiness Christmas Pines
To You and Yours Christmas Pines
Christmas Blessings Christmas Pines
Noel Christmas Pines
season of joy Christmas Pines
Tis the season Christmas Pines
Tidings of comfort and joy Christmas Pines
Peace Joy & Love Peace This Christmas
May all your Christmas wishes come true Peace This Christmas
Season's greetings & a Happy New Year Christmas Bliss
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Christmas Bliss
Warmest Wishes Christmas Bliss
Christmas Bliss Christmas Bliss
Merry Christmas Christmas Bliss
Merry & bright Christmas Bliss
Naughty and Nice Christmas Bliss
Merry Christmas Wishes Santas Sleigh
Hope your season brings one good thing on top of another Santas Sleigh
Greetings from the North Pole Greetings from Santa
Ho! Ho! Ho! Greetings from Santa
Naughty or Nice Greetings from Santa
Happy Christmas to all…and to all a good night! Greetings from Santa
Merry Christmas Greetings from Santa
Guide Us to thy Perfect Light Star of Light
A little Christmas spirit brightens all the world Star of Light
The light the shepherds saw that night that lit the way for them still guides the hearts of all who seek the child of Bethlehem Star of Light
Shine Star of Light
Merry Christmas Star of Light
Became the Light of the World Star of Light
Star of Wonder  Star of Night Star of Light
May your season be Peaceful your New Year be Bright Star of Light
Snowy Days are here to stay grab your mittens and let's go play! Mountain of Adventure
Oh the weather outside Mountain of Adventure
is frightful wonderful! Mountain of Adventure
I love you snow much! Mountain of Adventure
Warmest Winter Wishes Mountain of Adventure
Merry Christmas Hang Your Stocking
Happiness is coming to town! Hang Your Stocking
Wishing you a season filled with love and Happiness. Hang Your Stocking
To:  From: Hang Your Stocking
Sending you a flurry of warm Christmas wishes Flurry of Wishes
Be filled with wonder be touched by peace believe in the miracle Flurry of Wishes
Merry Christmas Flurry of Wishes
A very Merry Christmas to You Reason for the Season
Jesus is the reason for the season Reason for the Season
Peace be with you Reason for the Season
congrats Scenic Sayings
Oh Happy Day Scenic Sayings
You Scenic Sayings
LOVE Scenic Sayings
Thank you so so much Scenic Sayings
Hey There Friend Scenic Sayings
you are made of wonderful Picture Perfect
Our hearts decide who is family Picture Perfect
Just a note Picture Perfect
dream without without limits. Picture Perfect
hope like crazy Picture Perfect
You are just the nicest Picture Perfect
Hey Chick! Hey Chick
You're a good egg Hey Chick
have a happy day! Hey Chick
You are stronger than you think… Heartfelt Sympathy
Remembering the life of someone so special and sending thoughts of sympathy and peace Heartfelt Sympathy
with Heartfelt Sympathy Heartfelt Sympathy
May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you Heartfelt Sympathy
And you are not alone Heartfelt Sympathy
sweetest of sweets Birthday Banners
Happy Birthday Birthday Banners
It's your big day! Birthday Banners
eat all the cake! Birthday Banners
Happy Birthday to the Birthday Banners
While we sing you a song! Birthday Banners
Time to put out this tiny fire Birthday Banners
Bride to be Custom Tee
Birthday Boy Custom Tee
Good Luck Custom Tee
Birthday Girl Custom Tee
Rad Dad Custom Tee
Love You Custom Tee
One in a million Custom Tee
Vintage Custom Tee
Congrats Custom Tee
happy stamper Custom Tee
all star champ Custom Tee
Wishing you a happy haunted halloween Glamper Greetings
Home is where you park it. Glamper Greetings
have a happy holiday. Glamper Greetings
Let's get away from it all. Glamper Greetings
May the adventures continue. Glamper Greetings
Not all who wander are lost1J.R.R. Tolkien Glamper Greetings
Happy Birthday! Glamper Greetings
Hey There Happy Camper Glamper Greetings
This is how we roll. Glamper Greetings
The best is yet to come Balloon Adventures
Happy Birthday Balloon Adventures
Party On! Balloon Adventures
Let's celebrate Balloon Adventures
No One deserves a Happier Birthday than you Balloon Adventures
Open me already! Balloon Adventures
It's your birthday Balloon Adventures
Here's to another year full of adventures Balloon Adventures
I'll be your up when you're feeling down. Bella and Friends
Just for you Bella and Friends
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Bella and Friends
You've got a friend in me. Bella and Friends
Enjoy! Bella and Friends
Happy Birthday Birthday Blast
Celebrate you! Birthday Blast
Wahoo! Birthday Blast
Because spoiling you is so much fun! Carousel Birthday
I love when your birthday come around Carousel Birthday
Hope you have a Cake Crazy
It's Your Birthday! Cake Crazy
Birthday! Cake Crazy
SUPER Cake Crazy
CRAZY Cake Crazy
I hope your birthday is sprinkled with everything great Cool Treats
I hope your day is as sweet as you are. Cool Treats
You're Cool Treats
sweet Cool Treats
cool Cool Treats
You're the cherry to my sundae Cool Treats
Happiest Birthday Cool Treats
Just give it some time. Designer Tee
Happy Birthday Designer Tee
Congratulations Designer Tee
Everything will be OK Designer Tee
Have it Eat it Do it all Designer Tee
I knew you could Designer Tee
Don't quit your day dream Designer Tee
If you're happy and you know it KEEP IT UP Designer Tee
When in doubt: STAMP Designer Tee
I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can Designer Tee
To a wonderful friend… Dragonfly Dreams
Enjoy your special day! Dragonfly Dreams
You sure know how to make someone happy. Dragonfly Dreams
Thanks for the smile and everything else. Dragonfly Dreams
Hello Fabulous Flora
For you…Anything Fabulous Flora
Wedding Wishes Floral Phrases
For all the thoughtful things you do. Floral Phrases
Congratulations Floral Phrases
May your love grow stronger deeper and more beautiful with every passing year Floral Phrases
A special note of thanks to you… Floral Phrases
Thank You so very much! Flourishing Phrases
With warmth & caring from me. Flourishing Phrases
Just a Note Flourishing Phrases
So he made you. Flourishing Phrases
With sympathy Flourishing Phrases
Words can't express just how deeply your love and support has been appreciated. Flourishing Phrases
Marriage is a journey Flourishing Phrases
I love you Flourishing Phrases
I think it mor eoften than I say it but I just want to make sure you  know it Flourishing Phrases
congratulations Flourishing Phrases
Praying that your heart will be lifted by the many loving thoughts that surround you today. Flourishing Phrases
Comfort & Healing to you… Flourishing Phrases
Good thing you get to bring your best friend along. Flourishing Phrases
God wanted to brighten up the world… Flourishing Phrases
Brother Guy Greetings
Father Guy Greetings
Uncle Guy Greetings
World's Greatest Guy Greetings
Happy Birthday Guy Greetings
No One else could fill your shoes. Guy Greetings
You're my anchor Guy Greetings
To a Classic Guy Greetings
Righty-Tighty Lefty-Loosely Guy Greetings
Thanks for this and all the other life lessons you taught me. Guy Greetings
Happy Father's Day Guy Greetings
Hats Off to You! Guy Greetings
Congratulations Guy Greetings
Grandpa Guy Greetings
Dad Guy Greetings
Husband Guy Greetings
Happy Mother's Day Oh So Succulent
Happy Birthday to a very special person Oh So Succulent
Because of you I am me. Oh So Succulent
The best love story is the one you write together Oh So Succulent
hugs & kisses Sealed with Love
Love Note Sealed with Love
Happy Valentine's Day Sealed with Love
I Love You Sealed with Love
Sealed with a Kiss Sealed with Love
Hello Love Sealed with Love
Kiss Sealed with Love
love you lots Sealed with Love
sent with love Sealed with Love
sending love Sealed with Love
a teeny tiny note… Sealed with Love
You're sweet as can bee. Shooting Star
The sky's the limit! Shooting Star
Shoot for the moon! Shooting Star
You're my sweet honeybee. Shooting Star
You're out of this world! Shooting Star
Hope your day is SUPER SUPER just like you Super Duper
Time to Celebrate Super Duper
YAY! Super Duper
Happy Birthday to you Super Duper
Party! Super Duper
Mr. & Mrs. That's the tag
thinking of you That's the tag
Thanks so much! That's the tag
hell little baby That's the tag
to:  from: That's the tag
to my amazing mother That's the tag
congrats to you That's the tag
for you That's the tag
thank you That's the tag
happy birthday That's the tag
Thanks Weather Together
Celebrate! Weather Together
wishing you brighter days! Weather Together
we'll weather this together Weather Together
Love Weather Together
I'm here for you Weather Together
sometimes we all need shelter from the storm Weather Together
Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17 All God's Grace
All of God's Grace in one tiny face All God's Grace
Blessing All God's Grace
Christening All God's Grace
May all the blessings of this day be with your child forever All God's Grace
For You… All God's Grace
Baptism All God's Grace
Confirmation All God's Grace
Faith is trusting God even when you don't understand His plan. Artistically Asian
Thanks for always being there for me Artistically Asian
Friendship multiplies joy and divides sorrows. Artistically Asian
Friend Awesomely Artistic
How Now…? Barnyard Babies
Happy Birthday Barnyard Babies
Fleece Navidad Barnyard Babies
Hope your day is just ducky! Barnyard Babies
Welcome little lamb Barnyard Babies
Have an award-winning day! Barnyard Babies
Meeeh… Barnyard Babies
One cute chick! Barnyard Babies
Hogs & Kisses Barnyard Babies
Love You Papa Bear Bear Hugs
You're so sweet Bear Hugs
See This Hug? Bear Hugs
It's for you Bear Hugs
Hello There baby bear Bear Hugs
Wishing you a day full of sunshine and a lake full of fish. Bear Hugs
Nobody hugs like a Mother Bear Hugs
I love you this much Bear Hugs
So excited for you to tie the knot! Beautiful Banners
Hello baby! Beautiful Banners
Thanks to you! Beautiful Banners
Tis love that makes the world go round-Lewis Carroll Beautiful Banners
So Happy for You Beautiful You
Life may not be the party we had hoped for but while we're here we might as well dance Beautiful You
Live with passion Laugh out loud Love deeply Beautiful You
Celebrate… Beautiful You
Happy birthday gorgeous Beautiful You
In Style Beautiful You
Life looks beautiful on you Beautiful You
Wishing you brighter days to come Beautiful You
Congratulations on your new arrival Better Together
With Sympathy Better Together
Just a note Better Together
All the best for a future filled with love! Better Together
Here's to a great Wedding and on even better life together! Better Together
Hello let's talk soon Better Together
Wishing you happiness on your special day Better Together
May your sorrow by eased by wonderful memories Better Together
one of the best parts of the season is keeping in touch with you Better Together
may life be filled with fond memories Better Together
Happy Birthday! Better Together
Merry Christmas Better Together
For ou Birthday Blooms
Dear friend Birthday Blooms
Happiest of birthdays to you Birthday Blooms
There is nothing in the caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly. Butterfly Basics
Sending wishes your way Butterfly Basics
Happy Birthday Butterfly Basics
Celebrate you Birthday Blossoms
A day all about you Birthday Blossoms
have a beautiful birthday Birthday Blossoms
The best day ever Birthday Blossoms
Happy Birthday Birthday Blossoms
Chase your dreams! Chase Your Dreams
Hello! Chase Your Dreams
Guten tag! Chase Your Dreams
Bonjour! Chase Your Dreams
It's Your Day! Confetti Celebration
Happy Birthday Confetti Celebration
Time to Party Confetti Celebration
Hooray Confetti Celebration
Happy Birtday Confetti Celebration
Let's Celebrate! Confetti Celebration
YAY! Confetti Celebration
You Are Amazing! Cottage Greetings
I'd be lost without you Cottage Greetings
Hope your day is wonderful! Cottage Greetings
Congrats Cottage Greetings
Happy Birthday Cottage Greetings
Wishing you rediculous amounts of happiness Cottage Greetings
thanks Cottage Greetings
Many Crazy About You
Hello Crazy About You
Happy Crazy About You
Just Be Crazy About You
Thanks Crazy About You
Rock Crazy About You
Love Crazy About You
Baby Crazy About You
Miss Crazy About You
Miss Crazy About You
You Crazy About You
Birthday Crazy About You
Amaze Me Crazy About You
Together Crazy About You
Graduation Crazy About You
Father's Day Crazy About You
You Make Me Crazy About You
Thinking of You Crazy About You
Mother's Day Crazy About You
Sunshine Crazy About You
Just Sayin' Crazy About You
To Crazy About You
Spring Crazy About You
So Proud of Crazy About You
From all of us Crazy About You
Crazy About Crazy About You
For being you Crazy About You
So much Crazy About You
For Crazy About You
Easter Crazy About You
Celebrating Crazy About You
Happy Easter Easter Message
He is not here He has risen. Easter Message
Thinking of you at Christmas Embellished Ornaments
With loving wishes for a bright and (&) beautiful season Embellished Ornaments
Best DAD ever Everyday Tags
Here's to New Beginnings Everyday Tags
Enjoy Everyday Tags
You'll thank me later Everyday Tags
Cheers to the Happy Couple Everyday Tags
Hello friend Everyday Tags
Thanks Everyday Tags
to an amazine mother Everyday Tags
have a magical celebreation! Fairy Celebration
happy birthday! Fairy Celebration
may your wish come true. Fairy Celebration
all it takes is love trust and a little bit of fairy dust. Fairy Celebration
You're the BEST Friendly Wishes
You're the friend every one wishes they had Friendly Wishes
Love you Friendly Wishes
I'm always here for you Friendly Wishes
From the garden of Gift From The Garden
Friendship is the SPICE of life Gift From The Garden
a GIFT from the garden is a work of HEART Gift From The Garden
You grow girl! Greatest Greetings
hooray for today! Greatest Greetings
little mis perfect Greatest Greetings
love at first sight Greatest Greetings
you're eggstraordinary Greatest Greetings
goodbye and (&) good luck Greatest Greetings
my amazing mother Greatest Greetings
world's greatest guy Greatest Greetings
sending smiles Greatest Greetings
little mr. right Greatest Greetings
get well sooner Greatest Greetings
from all of us Greatest Greetings
I'm so sorry Greatest Greetings
yay you! Greatest Greetings
go green! Greatest Greetings
Bonjour Beautiful Happy Happenings
Me? Miss You? Happy Happenings
Hello Handsome Happy Happenings
Today's the day Happy Happenings
Only all the time! Happy Happenings
Welcome to the World! Happy Happenings
For always being there for me Happy Happenings
Thank you Happy Happenings
Happy Birthday Happy Happenings
Happily Hitched Happy Happenings
Congrats! Happy Happenings
And so HAPPY that you happened to each other Happy Happenings
So happy to hear about your great news Happy Happenings
Let the celebration of your Fabulousness begin Happy Happenings
I just wish it hadn't happened to you. Here For You
Well this just stinks. Here For You
So sorry you're hurting Here For You
Bad Stuff Happens Here For You
Sorry I don't have something more profound or poetic or sentimental to say. But I just want you to know how very much I love and care about you. Here For You
Hang in there. Here For You
I'm here for you. Here For You
and sometimes it's a pain in other places too. Here For You
Sometimes life is a pain in the neck… Here For You
Here's to a sparkling season CHEERS Here's To Cheers
From: Here's To Cheers
To: Here's To Cheers
Love: Here's To Cheers
Just spreading CHEER this Christmas Here's To Cheers
Wishing you a Scrumptious Chrismas Season Here's To Cheers
A TOAST to the HOST Here's To Cheers
There is much to celebrate…CELEBRATE! There is much to celebrate… Here's To Cheers
PEACE Holly Jolly Greetings
MERRY Holly Jolly Greetings
JOLLY Holly Jolly Greetings
CHRISTMAS Holly Jolly Greetings
SEASON OF Holly Jolly Greetings
COMFORT & Holly Jolly Greetings
WISHING YOU Holly Jolly Greetings
HOLLIDAY Holly Jolly Greetings
AND(&) BRIGHT Holly Jolly Greetings
ON EARTH Holly Jolly Greetings
MOMENTS Holly Jolly Greetings
AND (&) JOY Holly Jolly Greetings
JOY Holly Jolly Greetings
AND (&) LOVE Holly Jolly Greetings
HAVE A Holly Jolly Greetings
HOLLY Holly Jolly Greetings
WISHES Holly Jolly Greetings
Home Made Homemade For You
For you with Love Homemade For You
Bought this just for you Homemade For You
Delish Homemade For You
Created by I Stamped This
I stamped this I Stamped This
made by me just for you I Stamped This
Hand stamped by I Stamped This
From my kitchen I Stamped This
From my[HEART] I Stamped This
Just for you [Hot Air Balloon] I Stamped This
Made with love I Stamped This
For you I Stamped This
Handcrafted by I Stamped This
Just for you [Banner] I Stamped This
One of a kind I Stamped This
Baked with love I Stamped This
Totally Cool Card I Stamped This
Stampin' Up!-Small I Stamped This
Stampin' Up! -Large I Stamped This
Missing You Iconic Occasions
Sorry You Are Sad Iconic Occasions
Love you Much Iconic Occasions
Just Wanted to Say Hello Iconic Occasions
Welcome Baby Iconic Occasions
Happy Birthday Iconic Occasions
Great Job Iconic Occasions
Get Well Soon Iconic Occasions
Congratulations Iconic Occasions
Wish you were here Iconic Occasions
Thinking of You Iconic Occasions
Happiness In This World
You're the kind of person who makes a positive difference in this world… In This World
Especially in my life In This World
A little kindness goes a long way Kinda Eclectic
Live Laugh Love Layering Love
Enjoy the little things Layering Love
I am much more me when I'm with you Layering Love
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your Heart Layering Love
It's Your Day Love Sparkles
Let Love Love Sparkles
True Love Sparkles
To You & Yours Love Sparkles
Glow Love Sparkles
Thank You Love Sparkles
Sparkle Love Sparkles
Love Love Sparkles
Cheers Love Sparkles
Celebrate Love Sparkles
Good Luck! Lucky Elephant
Yummy In My Tummy Yummy In My Tummy
HUGS! Yummy In My Tummy
You've Got This You've Got This
Good Things Are Going to Happen You've Got This
I'm Here for you. You've Got This
Loads of thanks You're Sublime
have a snappy day! You're Sublime
toadally awesome! You're Sublime
follow your heart You're Sublime
You're sublime You're Sublime
Just Because You're So Sweet
You You're So Sweet
My Friend You're So Sweet
Just for you You're So Sweet
Your Day You're So Sweet
With Love You're So Sweet
You're So Sweet Enjoy a treat You're So Sweet
Hello (within a star) You're So Sweet
Love (within a heart) You're So Sweet
Wherever you go GO with all your heart Wherever You Go
Sending thoughts your way. Wherever You Go
Just Because Vertical Greetings
I Love You Vertical Greetings
Thank You Vertical Greetings
Happy Birthday Vertical Greetings
For You Vertical Greetings
Congrats Vertical Greetings
The only thing better than having you as my Dad is my children having you as their Grandfather. Urban District
You're The Best Urban District
You'll always be Number One Urban District
I know you've loved me as long as I've lived but I've loved you my whole life. Urban District
World's Greatest Urban District
You make my heart smile Timeless Love
Happy Anniversay Timeless Love
Congratulations Timeless Love
Sending thanks to a very gracious giver Thankful Thoughts
Thanks Thankful Thoughts
Not only for your thoughtful gift but also for the wonderful gift of knowing you. Thankful Thoughts
Thank You Thankful Thoughts
Thank you so much Thankful Thoughts
From a very grateful getter! Thankful Thoughts
A Note of Thanks… Thankful Thoughts
If you could see my face you'd see the smile you put on it! Thankful Thoughts
I'm overwhelmed by your generosity your giving spirit and your unending kindness. Thankful Thoughts
Your generosity is second only to your fabulosity Thankful Thoughts
Hope your day is SUPER DUPER just like you Super Duper
Time to celebrate Super Duper
YAY! Super Duper
Happy Birthday to you Super Duper
It's Your Day Sunshine Sayings
You're the best Sunburst Sayings
You brighten my day Sunburst Sayings
Happy Birthday to you Sunburst Sayings
Miss You Sunburst Sayings
Thanks Sunburst Sayings
WOW Sunburst Sayings
Shine Sunburst Sayings
May peace be your gift this Easter Suite Sentiments
Many mini thanks Suite Sentiments
The best things in life are sweet Suite Sentiments
Just like you Suite Sentiments
Congratulations Graduate! Suite Sentiments
THANKS thanks(8 times) Suite Sentiments
Everyone needs a friend like you Suite Sentiments
ENJOY life and have fun Suite Sentiments
Hoping your day is Perfect Suite Sentiments
love is in the AIR MAIL Suite Sentiments
BEST.GUY.EVER Suite Sentiments
Hoping you day goes swimmingly Seaside Shore
Ahoy there! Seaside Shore
HUGS.PRAYERS.LOVE. Sending Thoughts
I'm here for You Sending Thoughts
BIG YAY for little victories Sending Thoughts
You Can't Do This. Sending Thoughts
because I know you Sending Thoughts
I know you can get through this… Sending Thoughts
I'm here to give you a hand a smile a shoulder to cry on-whatever you need. Sending Thoughts
I know you're sick and tired of being sick and tired Sending Thoughts
But I'll never be tired of being here for you Sending Thoughts
Be still. I've got this-God Sending Thoughts
Happy Birthday Stylized Birthday
Celebrate You Suite Sayings
Thanks To You I Grew Up Loved Suite Sayings
Forever begins today Suite Sayings
Peek-a-boo Suite Sayings
Wishing you all the beautiful blessings of Easter Suite Sayings
My heart smiles just thinking of you Suite Sayings
You Wonderful Thing You Suite Sayings
They Say It's Your Birthday Suite Sayings
Thanks for being you Suite Sayings
Success Looks Good on you. Suite Sayings
A Little Hello Badges & Banners
Welcome Baby Badges & Banners
Enjoy your day Badges & Banners
No. 1 Badges & Banners
The best Friend anywhere ever Badges & Banners
Christmas Greetings Father Christmas
A Jolly Christmas to all Father Christmas
Get Well Soon Get Well Soup
thank you for seeing me through some dark days… Me = Grateful
YUM! Need I say more? Me = Grateful
Oh yes…THANK YOU! Me = Grateful
An Answer to Prayer {that's you} Me = Grateful
Always kind always giving always there Me = Grateful
You=Awesome Me = Grateful
Me=Grateful Me = Grateful
and brightening the rest Me = Grateful
May you be blessed by your goodness Me = Grateful
thanks for being you Me = Grateful
a little something for a little someone Moon Baby
twinkle twinkle little star… Moon Baby
do you know how loved you are? Moon Baby
Hello baby Moon Baby
showers of happiness Moon Baby
Hope tomorrow finds you feeling better. My Hero
Fabulicious My Hero
heard you've been under the weather My Hero
You put the Merry in my Christmas My Hero
To;   From: My Hero
You are my #1 Hero My Hero
A liffle Valentine sweetness My Hero
Egg-stra awesome Easter wishes My Hero
Thanks for always building me up Nailed It
Nailed It! Nailed It
Sorry I Screwed Up Nailed It
Happy Father's Day Nailed It
I knew I liked you the first time I saw you Nailed It
A little thanks One Big Meaning
Thanks kindly One Big Meaning
Thank you for everything and more. One Big Meaning
you are too kind. THANK YOU One Big Meaning
Thank You from all of us One Big Meaning
Thank you One Big Meaning
one tiny word with one big meaning  THANKS! One Big Meaning
Congratulations One Wild Ride
Born to Ride One Wild Ride
said no motorcycle rider ever. One Wild Ride
I really don't feel like going for a ride today… One Wild Ride
Hope today is one wild ride! One Wild Ride
Birthday wishes to the leader of the pack! One Wild Ride
Route US 66 One Wild Ride
Life's a Journey Enjoy the Ride One Wild Ride
Calories don't count today! Painter's Palette
And Ice cream. And more cake. Party With Cake
Sending many wishes your way. Party With Cake
It's time to celebrate with cake Party With Cake
Happy birthday! Party With Cake
Let's party! Party With Cake
Make a wish. Party With Cake
It's your day! Party With Cake
Peace Joy & Love Peace This Christmas
May all your Christmas wishes come true Peace This Christmas
you're one in a dozen! Perfect Mix
we're the perfect mix Perfect Mix
no one measures up to you. Perfect Mix
you're grate! Perfect Mix
Baking makes life sweeter Perfect Mix
Hello Pop Of Paradise
Thinking of you Pop Of Paradise
A very special day Pop Of Paradise
Hope your birthday is just like you… Pretty Kitty
Just peeking in to say hello. Pretty Kitty
Wonderful in every way. Pretty Kitty
You make me happy Pretty Kitty
A friend like you comes along once in nine lives Pretty Kitty
Life is messy. Pretty Kitty
And I'm so grateful for you Remarkable You
You are Remarkable Remarkable You
Welcome to the world! Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
love you Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
beary much. Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
hello baby… Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
something for baby Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
to hug and to hold from this day forward Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
thank you Baby Bear (Photopolymer)
May all your chocolate be solid Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
You're egg-stra special Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
Thanks a bunch Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
An Easter treat for somebunny sweet Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
You made my day… Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
Again! Basket Bunch (Photopolymer)
Thinking of you Basket of Wishes (Photopolymer)
Sending a basket full of wonderful wishes for your Birthday Basket of Wishes (Photopolymer)
Happy Day Happy Year Happy Life Basket of Wishes (Photopolymer)
Giving thanks for the blessing of you Basket of Wishes (Photopolymer)
On your wedding day Best Birds (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Best Birds (Photopolymer)
Happy anniversary Best Birds (Photopolymer)
congratulations Best Birds (Photopolymer)
It's a good day Best Birds (Photopolymer)
thoughts for you Best Birds (Photopolymer)
Created in my Kitchen just for you Better than email (Photopolymer)
inspired to create and share with you Better than email (Photopolymer)
Handmade Heartfelt Better than email (Photopolymer)
can't beat SNAIL-MAIL Better than email (Photopolymer)
From my heart to yours Better than email (Photopolymer)
Better than e-mail Better than email (Photopolymer)
Love is in the Details Better than email (Photopolymer)
It's for you Better than email (Photopolymer)
Handstamped for you Better than email (Photopolymer)
Handmade Better than email (Photopolymer)
Sharing creativity and inspiration Better than email (Photopolymer)
Stampin' Up! Better than email (Photopolymer)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
At Least you're still Pretty Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
We're gonna have a good time! Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
Eat Cake Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
To You Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
Wishing you a very happy Birthday Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
It's your day Big on Birthdays (Photopolymer)
For You Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
To You Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Hooray! Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Wish Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
to you Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Celebrate Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Birthday Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
Birthday Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
To You Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
BIG Birthday Bright (Photopolymer)
FIESTA like there's no manana Birthday Fiesta (Photopolymer)
Wishing you THE HAPPIEST of birthdays Birthday Fiesta (Photopolymer)
it's in the air Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
Be Mine Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
Love you Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
Friend Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
XOXO Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
My Valentine Bloomin' Love (Photopolymer)
I would be lost without you Blooms and Wishes (Photopolymer)
for you Blooms and Wishes (Photopolymer)
BestWishes Blooms and Wishes (Photopolymer)
Today's little moments become tomorrow' precious memories Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)
Thank you for being my friend Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)
I didn't know we were making memories I just thought we were having fun. Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)
I love you and all your stuff Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)
Congratulations! Bookcase Builder (Photopolymer)
hi there! Builder Birdcage (Photopolymer)
Today is the perfect day to by happy Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
Grateful for a friend like you Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
to me Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
you matter Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
Let's celebrate your day Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
Thank you very much Bunch of Blossoms (Photopolymer)
thank you Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
happy easter Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
for you Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
hello spring Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
happy mother's day Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
happy birthday to you Circle of Spring (Photopolymer)
Love and Support Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Just a note Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Wedded Bliss Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Grateful Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Get Well Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
To you Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Celebrate your Day Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Happy Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Sending Love Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Thanks to you Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
You wonderful person you Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday to one fantastic person Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
I always knew you could do it Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
and hoping you catch it Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Christmas Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Party Time Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Birthday Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Congrats Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Thanks Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
For You Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
ETC Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Congrats so happy for you Designer Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Feather Together (Photopolymer)
to a true gentleman Feather Together (Photopolymer)
Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together Feather Together (Photopolymer)
and sending hugs Feather Together (Photopolymer)
little one Feather Together (Photopolymer)
oh gorgeous one Feather Together (Photopolymer)
thinking of you Feather Together (Photopolymer)
thank you for all you do Feather Together (Photopolymer)
BE YOU{TIFUL} Flower Patch (Photopolymer)
Happy Blooming Birthday Flower Patch (Photopolymer)
You overwhelm me with your awesomeness Flower Patch (Photopolymer)
We age not by years but by stories Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
p.s. by best stories are with you Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
Thank You Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
I'm here for you Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
LOVE YOU MORE Fresh Fruit (Photopolymer)
Friends are kind to each other's hopes and cherish each other's dreams Garden In Bloom (Photopolymer)
Hope you're feeling special today Garden In Bloom (Photopolymer)
Becasue that's what you are! Garden In Bloom (Photopolymer)
You are Loved {ALOT} Grateful Bunch (Photopolymer)
You are totally awesome Grateful Bunch (Photopolymer)
and I am totally grateful Grateful Bunch (Photopolymer)
You Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
25Cents Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
For helping me grow Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
THANK Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
sweet Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
MUCH appreciated Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
FRIEND Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
THANKS Helping Me Grow (Photopolymer)
Let HOPE be your lighthouse beckoning you through stormy seas High Tide (Photopolymer)
in HIGH tide or LOW tide I'll be by your side High Tide (Photopolymer)
There's nothing LITTLE about the LIGHT you shine High Tide (Photopolymer)
You have the most amazing ability to take an ordinary moment and make it SHINE High Tide (Photopolymer)
May you rejoice in the miracle the gift and the promise of Christmas Joyful Nativity (Photopolymer)
Ooh La La Just Keep Swimming (Photopolymer)
You're a gem Just Keep Swimming (Photopolymer)
Monster Hugs Just Keep Swimming (Photopolymer)
beary sweet Just Keep Swimming (Photopolymer)
Just keep swimming Just Keep Swimming (Photopolymer)
Sweet little one Little Cuties (Photopolymer)
Rockabye baby Little Cuties (Photopolymer)
Celebrate Easter Little Cuties (Photopolymer)
Ears to you Little Cuties (Photopolymer)
happy happy Birthday Little Cuties (Photopolymer)
Live Love Grow Live Love Grow (Photopolymer)
Welcome Live Love Grow (Photopolymer)
Miss You Live Love Grow (Photopolymer)
My sweet friend Live Love Grow (Photopolymer)
Sending a smile your way Love and Affection (Photopolymer)
You make me ridiculously happy Love and Affection (Photopolymer)
You are every lovely word I could possibly think of Love and Affection (Photopolymer)
that's what you are to me Lovely Stitching (Photopolymer)
Lovely Lovely Stitching (Photopolymer)
YOU ARE Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
Party like a rock star! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
IT'S YOUR Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
No really you are! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
So Proud of you! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
So excited to see you! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
And I appreciate everything you do. Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
Awesome! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
Birthday! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
Invited! Marquee Messages (Photopolymer)
birthday Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
anniversary Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
sweet Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
happy Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
new baby Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
retirement Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
SIXTIETH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
THIRTIETH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
FIFTIETH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
FORTIETH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
SEVENTY-FIFTH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
SIXTEENTH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
TWENTY-FIRST Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
TENTH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
TWENTIETH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
TWENTY-FIFTH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
EIGHTEENTH Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
FIRST Milestone Moments (Photopolymer)
That was so very KIND of you. Mixed Borders (Photopolymer)
I hope your birthday is AMAZING. Mixed Borders (Photopolymer)
THANK YOU so very much! Mixed Borders (Photopolymer)
I simply ADORE you. Mixed Borders (Photopolymer)
Friends don't let friends wine alone. Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
Your're so sweet Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
Clink! Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
Cheers! Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
Every Hour with you is a happy one. Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
Here's to you and your amazingness. Mixed Drinks (Photopolymer)
RAWR! means you're awesome in dinosaur No Bones About It (Photopolymer)
Have a dino-rrific birthday No Bones About It (Photopolymer)
No bones about it…You're GRRRREAT! No Bones About It (Photopolymer)
Look who's turning Number of Years (Photopolymer)
the number of years the world has been a better place because you're in it. Number of Years (Photopolymer)
ND Number of Years (Photopolymer)
HAPPY Number of Years (Photopolymer)
{SWIRL}GRADE{SWIRL} Number of Years (Photopolymer)
NO. Number of Years (Photopolymer)
TH Number of Years (Photopolymer)
{AGAIN} Number of Years (Photopolymer)
BIRTHDAY Number of Years (Photopolymer)
ST Number of Years (Photopolymer)
ANNIVERSARY Number of Years (Photopolymer)
RD Number of Years (Photopolymer)
THANKFUL*GRATEFUL*BLESSED Paisleys and Posies (Photopolymer)
My world is brighter and more beautiful because of you. Paisleys and Posies (Photopolymer)
I thank you for your part in my journey. Paisleys and Posies (Photopolymer)
A LITTLE Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
A BIG Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
TO YOU Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
FOR YOU Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
HOORAY Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
KUDOS Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
HAPPY DAY Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
THANKS Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
GIFT Perfectly Wrapped (Photopolymer)
Home is wherever I'm with you Places You'll Go (Photopolymer)
Missing you Places You'll Go (Photopolymer)
Adventure awaits Places You'll Go (Photopolymer)
Welcome Places You'll Go (Photopolymer)
Oh the places you will go Places You'll Go (Photopolymer)
with LOVE Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
Love is Sweet Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
From Me to You Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
Enjoy Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
Ready to POP Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
POPCORN Ready To Pop (Photopolymer)
Somehow GOD knew I'd need a friend just like you Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
For some things there are just no words Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
You're in my thoughts and prayers. Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
With Sympathy Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
Wedding Wishes Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
What a beautiful blessing you are to me. Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
Wishing you a marriage made in heaven and a lifetime blessed by GOD. Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
Thank you Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
Fear not for I am with you; Be not dismayed for I am your GOD. I will strengthen you Yes I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand Rose Wonder (Photopolymer)
You are the sprinkles on the cupcake of life. Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
I'm so lucky to call you my friend. Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Spread the Love Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Thanks a Bunch Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Hope your day stacks up to be one good thing on top of another Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Every cloud has a silver lining~You just have to look up to see it. Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
Money can't by happiness…but it can by cupcakes. and that's kind of the same thing. Sprinkles of Life (Photopolymer)
And you're one of the sweetest Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Thanks so much Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
The best things in life are Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
wish Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
You're the icing on my cupcake Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
You Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Happiness Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
BIG Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Make a Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Hope it was Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Belated Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Sweet Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Baked with Love Sweet Cupcake (Photopolymer)
Home Sweet Home Sweet Home (Photopolymer)
Yappy Birthday Sweet Home (Photopolymer)
Trick or Treat Sweet Home (Photopolymer)
Merry Sweet Home (Photopolymer)
Welcome Sweet Home (Photopolymer)
It's not what we have in life…but who we have in life that matters. Thankful Life (Photopolymer)
Thankful Thankful Life (Photopolymer)
Happy Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Enjoy Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Sister Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Have a Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Inspire Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Holiday Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
From us Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Brother Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Birthday Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Fabulous Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Carefree Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Thank you Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Celebrate Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Father's Day Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Mother's Day Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Dad Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Son Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
You Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Me Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
{&} Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Fun Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Sweet Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Amaze Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Friend Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
You are Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
So much Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Blessed Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Amazing Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Inspiring Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Congrats Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Daughter Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
I Love You Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Graduation Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Missing You Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Oh Happy Day Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Hello Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Kind Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Mum Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Crazy Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Wild Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Mom Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Congrats Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Celebrate Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Thank you Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Hello Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
Love Thoughtful Banners (Photopolymer)
BIRTHDAY Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
SYMPATHY Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
JUST BECAUSE Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
WEDDING Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
CONGRATS Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
THANKS Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
HAPPY Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
MISC. Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
A Happy Hello Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
HELLO Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
BABY Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Congrats to you Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Thank you Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
Happy Birthday Tin of Cards (Photopolymer)
HELLO (2-Step Stamp) Vertical Garden (Photopolymer)
WELCOME(2-Step Stamp) Vertical Garden (Photopolymer)
New Adventure Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
Retirement Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
You've Earned It! Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
You'll be missed Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
Congratulations on your Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
May the very best life holds for you be yours in the days and years ahead Wild About Flowers (Photopolymer)
Happy Wonderful Christmas Wondrous Wreath (Photopolymer)
To:  From: Wondrous Wreath (Photopolymer)
May happy moments and cherished memories surround you with joy this season Wondrous Wreath (Photopolymer)
Thank You Eastern Beauty
A note for you Eastern Beauty
Life is beautiful Eastern Beauty
To think of you is to smile Eastern Beauty
Hello Eastern Beauty
Enjoy Today Eastern Beauty
Let's be friends forever Eastern Beauty
Hope your birthday is as bubbly as you are! Happy Birthday! Youve Got Style
Thank You! Youve Got Style
you cant improve on Fabulous! Youve Got Style
Youve Got Style Youve Got Style
Just For You You Deserve This
You Deserve This You Deserve This
HOORAY You Deserve This
Hello Love You Deserve This
Thumbs Way Up You Deserve This
WOO HOO You Deserve This
Sorry Youre feeling burned out. Watts of Occasions
You Light Up My Life Watts of Occasions
Merry and Bright Watts of Occasions
Thanks a Watt Watts of Occasions
Love You Watts and Watts Watts of Occasions
I think youre Brilliant Watts of Occasions
Special Delivery From The North Pole Merry Little Labels
Eat Drink and be Merry Merry Little Labels
Just For You Merry Little Labels
No Peeking Merry Little Labels
For – From Merry Little Labels
Let it snow Merry Little Labels
BLESSED Wonderful Life
HOHOHO Wonderful Life
MR&MRS Wonderful Life
Thank You Wonderful Life
Just Married Wonderful Life
Happy Wonderful Life
Holidays Wonderful Life
Christmas Wonderful Life
The road to happiness is better together Wonderful Life
It's a Wonderful Life! Wonderful Life
May your season SPARKLE Add a Little Glitz
A Gift for You Add a Little Glitz
Have yourself a beachy little Christmas! Beachy Little Christmas
Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells Beachy Little Christmas
May the season's best gifts bring you memories of joy and wonder Best Gifts
A Christmas Wish for You Best Gifts
May your Christmas be bright Brightly Lit Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Brightly Lit Christmas
The most wonderful time of the year Brightly Lit Christmas
Peace on Earth Carols Of Christmas
Deck the Halls Carols Of Christmas
Season's greetings Cheers To The Year
Mr & Mrs Cheers To The Year
cheers to a new year! Cheers To The Year
and so your story begins Cheers To The Year
JOY Cheers To The Year
Merry Mistletoe Christmas Happiness
Christmas Happiness to you and yours Christmas Happiness
May the joy & wonder of the season be yours Christmas Happiness
There's a Merry Christmas in the making Christmas In The Making
It's the best time of the year Christmas In The Making
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Christmas Quilt
When Life give you scraps make a quilt Christmas Quilt
peace Christmas Quilt
Thinking of you Count My Blessings
When I count my blessings you are on the top of my list Count My Blessings
Creep it Real Creep It Real
Trick or treat Creep It Real
BOO Creep It Real
Brush your Fangs Creep It Real
Good tidings of comfort & joy! Darling Christmas
I heard the bells on Christmas day Darling Christmas
Merry Christmas Darling Darling Christmas
Warmest greetings of the season and every good wish for the coming year Every Good Wish
Wishing you the joy of family the happiness of friends and the love of Christmas Every Good Wish
Be Merry Every Good Wish
Peace Love and Joy Every Good Wish
May it continue to last throughout the year Feeling Of Christmas
There's a feeling of Christmas Feeling Of Christmas
To you with Love Festive Phrases
Pick you Potion Festive Phrases
Happy Holidays Festive Phrases
Merry & Bright Festive Phrases
Good Tidings of Great Joy Good Tidings
To: Good Tidings
From: Good Tidings
May the gift of peace love and happiness be yours this season! Good Tidings
Why Thank you Gourd Goodness
Thank Goodness for you Gourd Goodness
You're Invited Graveyard Gate
Open if you dare Graveyard Gate
Have a haunted Halloween Graveyard Gate
Graveyard Goodies Graveyard Gate
The best wines are the ones we drink with friends Half Full
Merry Christmas Half Full
May your glass always be half full Half Full
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Half Full
But if the white runs out I'll drink red Half Full
Wine improves with age We improve with wine! Half Full
A glass of wine makes life divine Half Full
Joy to the World Hearts Come Home
Merry & Bright Hearts Come Home
Wishing you a beautiful season and a New Year of Peace and Happiness Hearts Come Home
Enjoy the warmth of the season Hearts Come Home
All Hearts come home for Christmas Hearts Come Home
Hot chocolate is like a hug in a mug Hug In A Mug
Sending warm thoughts Hug In A Mug
You warm my heart Hug In A Mug
Greetings of the Season Iconic Christmas
Wishing you a very happy Christmas Iconic Christmas
Merry Christmas Iconic Christmas
HO HO HO Iconic Christmas
Enjoy Iconic Christmas
To: Iconic Christmas
From: Iconic Christmas
For You Iconic Christmas
Made with Love Labels To Love
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year Labels To Lov
Trick or Treat Have a Haunting Halloween something wicked this way comes Labels To Lov
Happy Christmas to you and yours Labels To Lov
Celebrate a wonderful year Labels To Lov
TO: Labels To Lov
FROM: Labels To Lov
Give Thanks Labels To Lov
Hello Fall! it's pumpkin spice latte season Merry Café
Apple Cider Merry Café
Christmas Merry Café
Cheer Merry Café
A cup of Merry Café
I love you and coffee Merry Café
Witches brew with scream & sugar Merry Café
and a happy new year! Merry Café
love is brewing Merry Café
Par-Tea! in a cup Merry Café
Merry Merry Café
Perk Up Merry Café
Special Delivery from the North Pole Merry Little Labels
Eat Drink and be Merry Merry Little Labels
Just for you Merry Little Labels
No Peeking Merry Little Labels
For Merry Little Labels
From Merry Little Labels
Let It Snow Merry Little Labels
Merry Christmas Mistletoe Friends
Under the mistletoe Mistletoe Friends
May the spirit of the season be the melody that plays in your heart all year long Musical Season
Peace Joy Love Musical Season
Rejoicing in Christ Night In Bethlehem
Blessed Christmas Wishes Night In Bethlehem
Wishing you a season of Joy as we remember the night when Love came down to earth and became our song of celebration Night In Bethlehem
Your kindness means so much more than you will ever know Painted Harvest
I am thankful for you Painted Harvest
Gather together & give thanks Painted Harvest
At Christmas & Always Ready For Christmas
For Santa we love you! Ready For Christmas
Sharing the Joy Ready For Christmas
A wish for everything Merry Ready For Christmas
Have a meowy Christmas and a yappy new year Santa Paws
Paw La La La La La La La La Santa Paws
Here come Santa Paws! Santa Paws
Happy Christmas to all Santa's Suit
And to all a good night! Santa's Suit
Have a jolly Christmas Santa's Suit
Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season and a new year of peace and happiness Season Like
A special season like Christmas brings thoughts of special people like you Season Like
TO: Season Like
FROM: Season Like
Thinking of you at Christmas Season Like
Merry & Bright Season To Sparkle
Happy Halloween Season To Sparkle
Hang in there Season To Sparkle
Tis the season to sparkle Season To Sparkle
Love is in the air Season To Sparkle
Being your friend is a real treat! Seasonal Chums
You're Sweet! Seasonal Chums
Merry Christmas Seasonal Chums
Trick or Treat! Seasonal Chums
TO: Seasonal Chums
FROM: Seasonal Chums
Merry with Christmas Cheer Seasonal Lantern
Autumn Greetings Seasonal Lantern
Happy Hanukkah Seasonal Lantern
Twinkle & Glow Seasonal Lantern
To: Smitten Mittens
From: Smitten Mittens
Smitten Smitten Mittens
May you have many merry moments surrounded by those you love Smitten Mittens
May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with joy Snowflake Sentiments
Wrapped in the Warmth of Christmas Snowflake Sentiments
Merry Christmas from out family to yours Snowflake Sentiments
Season's Greetings Snowflake Sentiments
TO: Snowflake Sentiments
FROM: Snowflake Sentiments
Wishing you a season of joy a season of cheer but most of all a wonderful year Snowflake Sentiments
Trick or Treat Spooky Cat
Happy Halloween Spooky Cat
A wicked yummy Treat for you Spooky Cat
Eat at your own risk Spooky Cat
Happy Owl oween Spooky Cat
Wishing you a wonderful season Sugarplum Dreams
Magical moments & sugar plum dreams bring sparkle & wonder to everyday things Sugarplum Dreams
Enjoy! Tags & Trimmings
Celebrate the season Tags & Trimmings
It's what's inside that counts Tags & Trimmings
Sweets for my sweet The Little Things
Made extra Special just for you The Little Things
It's the little things The Little Things
December Deliciousness The Little Things
Trick or Treat Spooky-Licious Here is something good to eat The Little Things
As you deck the halls enjoy sweet treats and gather with family may the love and happiness continue to radiate in your lives throughout the coming year Watercolor Christmas
Season of Cheer Watercolor Christmas
Merriest Christmas Wishes Watercolor Christmas
Oh Joy Watercolor Christmas
From afar they followed a star of wondrous hope and promise Wise Men From Afar
May your Christmas be bright with the everlasting light of God's great goodness and love Wise Men From Afar
Just a little Jingle to make your Christmas bright Wishes All Aglow
Light the season with love and laughter Wishes All Aglow
To you with wishes all aglow Wishes All Aglow
Jingle Wishes All Aglow
ho ho ho Wishes All Aglow